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A staggering 10 million pieces of furniture are discarded every year, just in the country alone – while the clearance itself cost a whopping USD 44 million per year. country is recognized as the biggest waste producers in the world with 230 million tons thrown away every year, and  comes to a second with significantly less number – yet still astonishing number of 18 million tons.

To end this bad habit you need a transformation throughout your house by engaging in recycling, reusing and repairing of furniture that cost you nothing at all. By doing some creativity, and a little bit of hard work, these wastes arguably can do almost anything, which can be better than what you can find on all stores – in terms of price and quality.

Here are the best tips on how to fill your home with refurbished wastes that surprisingly do good.

1. Free stuff doesn’t resemble bad quality

Exploring free stuffs and finding what is right to fill your home with refurbished wastes requires determination. Flexibility in choosing what cheapskate things you wish to build or grab is a mandatory when it comes to decorating your home. A firm idea should be useless but rather you have to dynamically opt for what you want when trying to break it for free. Accept the things and have a vision and imagination to see through every piece and not just scratching the surface.

2. Getting started

Do you tired of exploiting second-hand market outside the home. Seeking plethora of furniture could be easy by accessing website offering items for free. But the offline world hands-down will be the best option anyway. Open space house and clearance day alike should store some real gems up to grab. Know when to your neighboring will have such event so you can start to find something. Roadside stuff hunting could be interesting if you are willing to, or for the easiest option, just ask your family and colleagues.

3. Search for swapping events

Give and take or swapping events are gaining its popularity these days. Such events can provide a way to recycle with cheap solution. Bare money spends, unwanted items are given away, while lovely stuffs are taken home. There are still free things in the world of a community. Perhaps you won’t find a stuff worth to be taken every time, but it is almost certain that you can give something.

4. Be open to discover roadside trash can

Sometimes any visible random trash can and dump when taking yourself in a roadside could store golden nugget to fill your home with refurbished wastes with second-hand decoration and building materials. However, make sure to ask permission appropriately before taking something out.

5. Find out for house clearance

House clearances is full of surprise, and you will never know what you get. As it is community based and run by locals, Contact them to confirm any clearance happening.

6. Measure everything inside your home

Before going out to do hunting for cheap and free stuffs, make sure each room, every wall, and every nook are measured thoroughly and remember to take it out with you. You won’t benefit from those stuffs unless it’s utterly fit to be placed at home.

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